Issue # 58 - How To Troubleshoot Your Business

Nov 19, 2023


Today I want to share with you a simple framework you can use to troubleshoot your business.

This is the same framework I use with my private clients to identify where they should focus their energies to unlock profits.

Let's dive in!

I want you to first imagine your business as a steady stream of water flowing through a hose—each segment represents a critical aspect of your operations. Now, picture the smooth flow disrupted by a kink in the hose. We’ll call this kink a bottleneck. What you want to do is identify and fix the bottlenecks restoring the natural flow of clients through your business. 

This simple framework is designed to help you identify and straighten out those kinks, ensuring a seamless flow from lead generation to business success.

The different areas we are going to assess are the following: 

- Lead Generation: Just like a water source fuels your stream, lead generation fuels your business. Here you’ll want to assess the efficiency of your paid and organic channels. A strong start here sets the tone for a robust flow through the rest of the journey.

 - Lead Nurture: As the water or in this case, the flow of clients progresses, it needs nourishment. Similarly, your leads require proper nurture. Evaluate your training programs, the depth of your content, and the impact of your newsletters. A well-nourished lead is more likely to flow seamlessly towards conversion.

 - Lead Conversion: The next stage of the lead is becoming a client at the conversion stage. Take some time to evaluate this crucial point in the flow. Is there a bottleneck such as a lack of sales skills, not enough time, or not enough people converting? A smooth transition from lead to conversion ensures a healthy flow through to the next stage - delivery.

 - Client Delivery: Once converted, your product or service flows to the customer. Evaluate your delivery process—any disruptions here can result in a loss of momentum, bad reviews, no referrals, or the client not moving to the next stage in their journey. A seamless delivery experience ensures customer satisfaction and sets the stage for retention and upselling.

- Retention/Upselling: Finally, consider how well you retain and upsell to existing customers. This not only sustains the flow but amplifies it. Happy customers become advocates for you and your work, contributing to a continuous and thriving stream of business growth.

Just like addressing a kink in a hose can restore a smooth water flow, pinpointing and enhancing these key areas will unleash the full potential of your business. 

Start by rating each segment from 1-5, beginning with the areas showing the lowest scores, then go to work on the lowest scores in the order stated above.

That’s it, troubleshooting a business is not hard.

The magic is in ironing out the kinks in the flow. 

Do you have any bottlenecks in your business you are not sure how to fix?

Send me a message if that's the case.

There's a good chance I can send you a resource to help you.

With love, 

Abraham Casallas



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