Issue # 55 - How To Stand Out And Get Paid As A Creator!

Oct 29, 2023


Today I want to share with you one of the most powerful frameworks I’ve created for building a brand that you can monetize as a creative entrepreneur. 

You see, simply building a brand is not enough…

I’ve worked with creators who have audiences in the millions who can’t sell a t-shirt!

I’ve also worked with creatives with much smaller audiences who are crushing it. 

The difference between creators who are still working a 9-5 to pay the bills and those who are making a full-time living lies in the positioning they have with their audience.

Positioning is simply how you are seen by your audience. 

If your audience just sees you as a creator they will consume your content but that won't translate into sales. 

For people to buy from you they have to see you as someone who can help them.

Climbing the Creator Positioning Pyramid is the key to helping your audience see you in this light.


This Creator Positioning Pyramid has 4 levels. 

The important thing to know is that the higher you are on this pyramid easier it becomes to make a living as a creator.

The 4 levels are:

1. Creator

2. Expert

3. Authority

4. Celebrity. 

Let’s dive into them!



At the base level, you're a creator. 

You're just starting out, maybe experimenting with content, and building your presence on social media. 

Here you are still trying to find your voice and develop your unique style. While you may not have a large following or significant expertise yet, this is the foundation upon which everything else is built.

At this level, you're laying the groundwork for your brand. Consistency in your content, engagement with your audience, and a clear sense of purpose and direction are key factors that will help you do this.

Monetizing at this stage might be challenging because your audience and authority are limited. 

That said, I am a firm believer in experimenting with monetization at this stage as it will prepare you and empower you with the skills needed to monetize later on. 

Keep in mind that the revenue might be modest at this stage.



As you continue to create valuable and informative content, you will naturally progress to the expert level of the Creator Positioning Pyramid. 

At this level, your audience will start to recognize your in-depth knowledge and experience and they will start to see you as someone who can provide valuable insights and guidance.

At this level, you are solidifying your brand's reputation. As you do this, people will start to come to you for advice and trust your opinions.

Monetizing becomes easier at this stage because your expertise can be leveraged. 

To monetize at this stage you can create and sell digital products like e-books or online courses, offer consulting or coaching services, and attract more lucrative sponsorship opportunities.



At the authority level, you're a recognized leader in your niche or industry. You have a substantial and engaged following, and your opinions and recommendations carry significant weight.

Being an authority figure solidifies your brand as a trusted source of information and guidance. 

At this level, you have a unique position of influence within your niche, and your brand is associated with thought leadership.

As an authority, monetization opportunities expand further. 

You can charge higher rates for your services, secure book deals, speaking engagements, and partnerships with major brands.



At the celebrity level, you've transcended your niche and have a massive, mainstream following. 

Your brand at this level is associated with fame, influence, and broad appeal.

You're widely recognized not only within your industry but also outside of it. 

Your name and image are powerful brands in themselves. (Think - Logan Paul, Hormozi, Gary Vee, Grant Cardone)

At this stage, monetization opportunities are abundant. 

You can command substantial fees for endorsements, appearances, and collaborations with major brands. 

Your brand's value is so high that even non-traditional revenue streams like licensing your name or image become viable.

Each level of positioning represents a progression in your journey as a creative entrepreneur.

While it becomes easier to build a brand and monetize as you ascend the ladder, it's important to remember that it also requires more dedication, consistency, and hard work.


Climbing The Pyramid

Now that you have this framework, your goal should be to ascend this pyramid as fast as possible. 

Each new level of the positioning pyramid requires a new skill. 

1) Transitioning from an aspiring creative to a content creator will require you to get clear on the brand you want to build, hone in your craft, consistently produce engaging content, and over time build a distinct, recognizable brand or style.

2) To evolve from a creator to an expert you will have to put yourself through a process of continuous learning leading to the mastery of your subject area expertise. You then are responsible for condensing expert insights into a consumable and engaging format via content creation.

3) To advance from an expert to an authority you will have to establish yourself as a thought leader contributing significant insights or innovations to the space. (take this framework I am sharing with you here as an example of a new insight/contribution to the space)

4) Finally, to progress from an authority to a celebrity you will need to leverage your expertise and influence across many different platforms in order to reach a broad audience and achieve substantial mainstream visibility and recognition. 

If you want to dive deeper into the intricacies of how to climb the Creator Positioning Pyramid, check out RAPID POSITIONING where I show exactly how to master the art of positioning and quickly establish yourself as an authority in your niche in only 30 days.


That wraps up this email! 

Hope you enjoyed this new idea.

- Abraham Casallas



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