Issue #34 - Im Selling Everything And Moving To A Different Country!

May 28, 2023


After four years living in Miami, it’s time for a new chapter.

I’ve been teasing this announcement for quite some time now… So here it is!

I sold everything I own and I am moving to a different country. 

You’re probably wondering - “why?”

Heres the story… (a vulnerable share)

Earlier this year I started to feel like something in my life was off. 

On the outside things looked great. 

I was surrounded by great people, my business was doing well, I had a beautiful apartment, a fancy car, and lived in what I believe to be the best city in America. 

But yet… something wasn’t right.

I felt stuck…

Life felt I had been playing the same level of a video game for too long.

I wanted to breakthrough to a new level.

And a new level deserves a new beginning. 

I’m excited to share how I will be using this move to break through, but not in this email.

Moving on…

You might be wondering how this will affect our friendship…

Well, fear not! You’re coming with me. 

As I navigate the journey ahead I'll be sharing my triumphs, lessons, and hilarious mishaps. 

That’s it for this one  

The next time I write to you, it will be from Medellin, Colombia. 


 -Abraham Casallas



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Written by Abraham Casallas

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