Issue #32 - This Will Set You Apart From Everyone Else!

May 14, 2023

Hi friend, 

As someone who has spent the last 3 year years building and helping others build successful social-media-powered businesses, I can tell you that positioning is one of the most crucial elements to your success. 

That's why today I have some tips on how to position yourself in a niche, stand out, and rise above the noise. 

Let's get into it! 


Step #1 - Picking Your Niche 

The first order of business is to pick your niche.  

Here you want to look for the intersection between your passions and market needs.  

Lots of people get this wrong and simply pursue passions and then wonder why no one is buying… 

Understand this, the market does not care how much you love your idea or how passionate you are about it.  

The market does not spend money on your product just because it happens to be your life’s purpose.  

The market spends money to get out of pain, avoid pain, or create a gain. 

So look long and hard for the intersection between your passions & a market need.  

Once you find this intersection, you have your niche.  

But here’s a word of advice - DO NOT NICHE DOWN. 

When people niche down (in the traditional sense) they adopt the other niche participant's business models, communication styles, brands & business model.  

Niching down is a recipe for sounding like everyone else in that niche and getting lost in the sauce.  

You want to be different, polarizing, and refreshing.  

To do this you want to find your unique differentiator.  


Step #2 - Finding Your Unique Differentiator 

Your unique differentiator is the thing that helps you stand out and break through the noise.  

When it comes to positioning, most people try to be better than what is out there not understanding that - It’s better to be the only one than it is to be better.  

And to be the only one, you must differentiate.  

Here are many ways in which you can differentiate yourself and your business in a market: 

- Pricing 

- Your Story 

- Personality 

- Content style 

- Business Model 

- Communication style 

To stand out, you need to go to the edges.  

Find the thing(s) that your competition isn't doing, make them your own, and amplify them!  

Step #3 - Displaying Your Expertise 

Now that you've found your unique differentiator, it's time to layer it on your expertise.  

To do this, you want to create content (in your unique way) that showcases your knowledge, experience & results. 

Choose a medium such as blog posts, podcasts, or videos and go to town. 

I genuinely believe anybody is 50 pieces of content away from positioning themselves in a new niche. 

If you want a crash course in positioning make sure to check out my Accelerator Course and if you want to master this - I’ll be doing an in-depth workshop on how to quickly create experience positioning inside my Creator Business Academy - Mastermind on 5.22.23. 

That’s it for this one. 


Abraham Casallas 



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