Issue #31 - Heaven & Success - Hell & Failure

May 07, 2023


Writing you this email from Bogota, Colombia! 

I was just here a couple of weeks ago and I didn’t think I’d be back so soon, but such is life and the wonderful freedoms entrepreneurship affords us.  

Today I want to share some thoughts on the different ways in which we can approach business. 

They are the difference between hell & heaven and success & failure. 

So pay attention. 

For a while there, I got lost chasing goals… 

I wanted to get to the destination so badly that I was rushing through things and missing out on the journey.  

And here’s a sticky note-worthy quote for you - The journey is all there is.  

You see, you can approach business in two ways: 

  1.  Like crossing items off a to-do list to get where we are going. 
  2.  Engaging and participating with all of yourself in the task you are doing. 

What’s the difference? 

Glad you asked. 

When you are just doing something as a means to an end, you are chasing the illusion of happiness instead of enjoying happiness in the moment. 


Everything you do, is tainted with the energy of not being there yet.  

This needy energy is repulsive, people feel it, and because you are not focused on your work, your work is not what it could be. 

Further-furthermore, yes, I just made that up… 

When you approach your work in this way you don’t enjoy it, and what’s the point of even doing it if you aren’t even enjoying it? 

That's worth meditating on... 

So what is the alternative? 

Detachment from outcome and present-moment awareness.  

Yes, you should have goals that give you direction but once you set them, let go of the need to have them and give yourself fully to your day-to-day.  

When your attention is in the here and now, you will do your best work, and your intent for the future will manifest. 

The future you want so bad... Is created in the present. 

But if you focus on the future, you’ll miss the present, and your work won’t be what it needs to be. 

It’s a bit of a paradox, I know. 

But such is life.  

Okay, this email is getting too long.  

I hope this email serves you on your journey.  


Abraham Casallas 

- - -  

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Written by Abraham Casallas

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