Issue #29 - How To Win The Internet Game

Apr 23, 2023


This week I re-read - The Almanack Of Naval Ravikant - and I wanted to share an idea that stood out.  

By the way, if you are an online entrepreneur and you haven’t picked up this book, do yourself a favor and add it to your library.  

Let’s start with a quote. 

“The winners of any game are the people who are so addicted they continue to play the game even as the marginal utility of winning declines”  

This means that you do what you do because you love doing it, not for the rewards doing the thing will bring into your life. 

Why does this lead to winning the game? 

Two reasons: 

1. While someone clocks out at 5 because the shift is over, you'll continue working because work feels like play. 

2. The internet rewards those who are at the top of their field.  

On the internet, the best at anything become magnetic and attract the biggest share of the market.  

So how do you become the best? 

You become the best by loving the game so much that you would do it even if you didn’t get paid. 

This means that you don’t pick a cookie-cutter career path because it has high job security and a high earning potential. 

You pick a career path out of love for the game. 

But on the internet, you don’t pick a career, you bake it from scratch. 


You do so by pursuing your innate talents, curiosities and passions. 

When you do this you’ll build a skill set so unique that you automatically position yourself at the top of your field in a niche of one in which no one can compete with you. 

“You get to escape competition through authenticity.” 

You get to the top by following your heart. 

Ain’t that cool? 

I love the internet..! 

One last thought, think about this… 

With the rise of AI, a lot of traditional careers are going get wiped out.  

AI language models are already replacing accountants, lawyers, and any type of career that can be taught through a book. 

The careers that won’t be replaced by AI are those that can only be crafted by you. 

So be brave, go all in on yourself, create a niche of one by following your heart, attract your dream clients, and build a career that is so fulfilling that the money is just an added bonus. 

That’s it for this one. 


Abraham Casallas 

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