Issue #25 - Don't Build a Personal Brand...

Mar 26, 2023


You might have read the subject to this email and thought “Has Abraham gone mad?” 

I haven’t. Hear me out. 

Personal brands are important.  

I am a big advocate for building a personal brand and utilizing it to grow your business. 

The thing is that when we think of building a personal brand, we wrongly assume that we should do something different than just share our TRUE selves with the world. 

This leads to unconsciously building a facade for people to connect with. 

A polished version of ourselves designed to be liked and monetized. 

But this is the wrong way to go about it. 

It also doesn't work. 

Rather than building a personal brand… 

We should build a personal connection with the people that follow us. 


By understanding that you already have a personal brand. 

It’s who you are. 

You don’t have to - “build a personal brand.” 

All you have to do is share who you already are with the world.  

But to be able to do so, you first have to realize that you already are the EPIC version of yourself that you want to portray to the world. 

You have to fall in love with yourself. 

This is a prerequisite for getting others to fall in love with you. 

When you approach personal branding in this way, you remove all the resistance that comes with thinking that you have to show up in a certain way to be liked, respected, and accepted. 

With this approach, you go from creating content (ugh…) to being the content. 

I’ll close with this… 

With a personal brand, people are buying you. 

Your energy. 

The information that you share is secondary to this. 

Propping up, sharing, and maintaining a facade is hard. 

Being you is easy.  

Hope you are having a glorious weekend, 

Abraham Casallas 



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Written by Abraham Casallas

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