Issue #23 - The Energetic Side Of Business

Mar 12, 2023

Read Time - 4 Minutes 

Hi Friend,  

I'm writing you today from Bogota, Colombia! 

The weather here’s not as nice as Miami's, it’s been a bit chilly, cloudy, and rainy but the delicious food, warm people, and rich culture sure make up for it. 

Today I wanted to share some thoughts with you on the energetic side of business.  

From my experience, business is half energy half strategy. 

For a while, I just shared my thoughts on strategy but lately, I’ve been feeling called to share more on the energetic side of things.  

Today I want to share 5 different strategies that will help you align your energy with the vibration that creates flow and results in your business. 

Let’s dive in! 

1. Release Attachment To The How 

Let go of rigid expectations about how things “should” happen or how things “must” be achieved. 

Make room for the magic of the universe to do its thing. 

Often there are better and shorter paths to getting what you want that you can’t see. 

2. Trust That What You Need Will Come 

Have faith that the resources, opportunities, and help you need will arrive when the time is right. 

Don’t try to force things to happen before their time. 


3. Take Action And Then Let Go 

Do your part to move your business forward, then release your grip on the outcome. 

Allow for things to happen on their time.  

You can't make a tree grow on your timelines. 

4. Look For Signs You're Being Guided 

Notice the “coincidences” and synchronicities that show the universe is supporting you. 

Look for open doors and follow opportunities as they appear. 

This will help strengthen your trust that you’re being led where you want to go.  

5. Stop Resisting Where You Are At 

Instead of resisting or doubting where you are at right now practice acceptance. 

There are gifts hidden in plain sight that you will only see and take advantage of when you stop resisting your current situation.  


From experience, I can tell you that these strategies work. 

When you start using them, the magic of the universe will start working in your favor.  

I know this sounds whoo whoo. 

But don’t take my word for it. Try them out and see for yourself.  

In the book Levels Of Energy, Frederick Dodson shares that it takes about 3 days of aligning yourself to a new vibration for your reality to start matching that vibration and 21 days for that vibration to become your new default vibration. 

This means that if you use these strategies once your reality won’t magically change. 

These strategies are meant to be utilized continually. 

When your energy is off, and you’re experiencing doubt, anxiety, or fear, come back to this email and see which one you can use to re-align your energy. 

That’s it for this email. 


Abraham Casallas 


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