Issue #18 - Struggling with marketing? Showing up? Being seen?

Feb 05, 2023

If you cringe and freeze at the thought of marketing yourself and promoting your products and services... 

You are not alone. 

A ton of people struggle with this.  

I too struggled with this. 

After working with a coach (yes, coaches have coaches) I realized that... 

I froze and cringed because: 

  1) I was more focused on myself than on the impact I was trying to make.  

  2) I hadn't completely sold myself on myself and my business. 

 I learned that before you market to the world... 

You have to market to yourself.  

Think of this as self-brainwashing. 

Through repetition you have to market and sell yourself on: 

- Yourself 

- Why you are fit to serve 

- The lives that YOU will change by showing up 

- The fact is that if you don’t show up, people's lives won’t get better 

When you take the time to do this, everything changes. 

Instead of worrying about getting likes, comments, and shares... 

Your focus is on service, growth, and impact. 

This energy is magnetic. 

Business is half energy, half strategy. 

This is part of the energetic half that truly makes a difference. 

Rooting for you.  




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Written by Abraham Casallas

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