Issue #14 - Use This System To Effortlessly Crush Your 2023 Goals

Jan 08, 2023

If you are on this list, you likely set some BIG goals for this year.

In today's email, I want to share with you the most powerful, yet simple, goal-setting & achieving system I've found.

It's what I recommend to all my clients and it's what I personally use.


The 6-Step Goal-Achieving System 

Step #1 - Start with the end in mind

If you are not clear on what you want from your life and your business, take some time to:

Step into your ideal future and think about:

What it looks like.

Who you've become.

What you are doing.

What you've accomplished.

Write it all down.

Be specific.


Step #2 - Decide what BIG outcome you want to FOCUS on this year

You only have 359 days. (from today)

You don't have the time to focus on 10 different things.

Focus is singular.

Ask yourself - "What will win the war?"

You want to find the one outcome that if accomplished will make 2023 a win.


Step #3 - Find the thing that drives the outcome

Let's say the one outcome you want to focus on is growing your audience on Twitter or whatever platform to 10k followers.

Do not focus on that!

Focus on:

•  Tweeting 3 x day 

•  Posting 2 threads x week

•  Engaging 30min/day

These ^^ are the things that drive the outcome.

Doing these things will lead to you getting those 10k followers.

Most people never hit their goals because they are not clear on the things that drive the outcome, therefore they can't directly influence the outcome.

That last sentence deserves a re-read.

When finding the drivers of your outcome, make sure that they are specific, measurable & actionable.

We want to be able to track them, which nicely takes us to our next step!


Step #4 - Create a dashboard that tracks the following:

1) The thing that drives the outcome

2) Where you are in relation to the outcome (progress)

A dashboard is needed to:

1) Keep you accountable to the actions that drive the outcome 

2) See how those actions are influencing the outcome

This clarity allows you to course correct based on data when needed.

If you take anything away from this email let it be this - Set up your dashboards.

It will change the game for you.

Here's a picture of my Twitter growth dashboard. (built on notion)



Step #5 - Schedule accountability & progress check-ins into your calendar

You want to establish a cadence for:

1) Tracking metrics

2) Reviewing progress 

3) Course correcting (if needed)

These check-ins can take the form of daily, weekly, or monthly meetings with yourself.

I personally schedule 15 min daily-check-ins to track and review important metrics.


Step #6 - Work the system

•  Use the vision and clarity from steps 1 & 2 for energy & focus

•  Focus your actions on the thing that drives results - Step 3

•  Use your dashboard from step 4 to track your key metrics 

•  Use your accountability & progress check-ins to steer the ship


Most people don't achieve their goals because their goals are just words on paper.

This system is a simple system but don't let its simplicity fool you.

This system will K.O. your 2023 goals.


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That's it for this one✌🏻

- Abraham Casallas 


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