Issue #9 - How To Become Magnetic To Money

Nov 27, 2022

Read time - 4 minutes

A while back I heard this story of an archer named Santiago who was competing at an archery tournament.

The prize for winning the tournament was a beautiful gold trophy.

To win the tournament, all you had to do was to get your arrow as close to the bull's eye as possible.

After a couple of practice rounds, it was Santiago's turn.

Santiago really wanted to win that trophy.

As he was pulling his bow back, he was thinking about how nice the trophy would look in his living room.

Because he was so focused on the trophy, he lost focus of the bull's eye right before he released his bow.

His arrow didn’t even hit the target. No trophy for our friend Santiago.

Making money is kind of like that.

The more you focus on making money - getting the trophy - the less likely you are to do a good job at the thing that makes

you the money - hitting the bulls eye.

This brings up an interesting question…

Why are so many of us more focused on the money than on the thing that makes us the money?

I’ve thought about this at length…

I think it’s because most of us are pursuing money instead of a deeper mission or why.

Take a second to answer this question - What motivates you?

I’m not here to make a moral judgment on one or the other.

As entrepreneurs, we must make a profit.

But should making a profit be the thing that fuels you to get up every day?

And could it be that if you focused on something bigger the money will come as a byproduct?

From my experience, the more we are fueled by something bigger than ourselves such as a why.. or a mission the easier it  is to make money.

How so you ask?

Well, when you truly care about something, you will do everything in your power to see it through. You'll also do a good job  because you care about the thing.

And like magic, the money will follow.

For me, my why, the thing that drives me is - freedom.

My mission is to help people attain it through entrepreneurship.

I believe that we should have absolute control and autonomy over how we live our lives.

I also believe that the world will be a better place when we stop sacrificing our callings for careers, when we stop being  wage slaves, and when we stop giving up our sovereignty for a perceived sense of security.

That’s what drives me at my core. It’s the alarm clock that wakes me up every morning.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m also out to make a profit, but that’s a secondary focus that will happen as a byproduct of me  accomplishing my mission.

That's it for this one!

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